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Tinting makes windows safer

The Sun is about 150 million kilometers from Earth, though this might sound a great distance we all know how harsh the Sun’s heat could be, if we are exposed to it at mid afternoon on a hot summer day. The Sun’s heat on our bodies could not only cause discomfort, but could also bring fatal diseases like skin cancer, if exposed regularly without the appropriate protection.

We need to protect ourselves from the dangerous Ultra Violet (UV) rays of the Sun especially when in our cars. It is not always possible to wear sun cream hence it is imperative that we employ alternative steps to protect ourselves, and what better way than using the expertise of Car window tinting Perth.

Car window tinting Perth would block UV rays by more than 80%, and cut down heat and glare by about 95%. With heat and glare cut down drastically, your air-conditioning and heater as the case may be would perform more efficiently and you will save on your fuel consumption.

Using Car window tinting Perth would also prevent the fading of your car upholstery and interior keeping them as new always. It would also afford a degree of privacy to you without any hindrance to visibility.

Our energy costs are always on the rise, and the world at large spends billions of dollars in air-conditioning and heating. Whether we use electricity or other means to generate our energy requirements in our homes or workplaces a substantial amount of it is lost to the environment. In our homes and offices during summer we lose cool air that is produced within, to the heat coming through our windows from the outside. Likewise during winter we lose the hot air generated inside, to the cold air coming through our windows from outside.

The answer to our woes is simple, employing the professionals from Home window tinting Perth we can stop this loss of energy that we generate. Home window tinting Perth has helped the Perth community to save their hard earned money, by providing this very important service over many years.

Generally in our offices we have very large windows and these bring heat and glare along with dangerous UV rays in. Office window tinting Perth is your answer to this very grave problem as millions of dollars are lost due to inefficient energy use. Get Office window tinting Perth to help you and see the difference.


Visibility enhanced for pool fencing


Observing your swimming pool at home from a distance whilst you are engaged in other chores is important if you have little kids around. Danger looms around an unattended pool and taking appropriate precautions is imperative. Even in hotels there would always be someone qualified in life saving techniques around the pool to extend help in an emergency.

Pool fencing is available in many applications and designs, from the basics to the attractive and practical. It is always better to be wise to danger and not regretting later. If you have a pool in your compound having it secured with pool fencing is always a better choice.

You could install glass pool fencing which could whilst enhancing the security aspect also compliment the unique style of your home and compound by giving that added impetus of class. The major advantage with glass pool fencing is it’s unique capability of being able to observe the activities in the pool whilst it is being occupied.

We are leading fencing contractors with years of service to the community and have completed some very large fencing projects to the utmost satisfaction of our discerning clientele. As the much sought after among all fencing contractors our customer base is large and spread out with many satisfied customers, who have erected fences from us even in some difficult suburban areas.

Depending on the locality you live and the extent of privacy you need you could either install either, timber fencing, screen fencing or colorbond fencing. It is advisable before erecting fences you apprise yourself of all the choices you have. Fences are a necessity and something which we cannot do without.

Colorbond fencing is metal and would give a unique flavor to your fencing and way of living. It is available in 14 very attractive colours. Timber fencing on the other hand provides a naturalistic look, and would enhance the ambience of your home. You could select some great fencing if you look around, and talk to others who have done up their fencing.

Screen fencinggives more privacy than some other fences. Erected at a higher level obscuring the view of others over the fencing it is unique in it’s own style.

Call us when you need to erect new fencing at your home, office or elsewhere, and we will give you service exemplary, compared to none. 


Our range is impressive..


Wet areas in your garden could pose danger to those in your household and visitors too. It is imperative that such areas are kept dry and the best to do so is by using Permeable paving. The choices for Permeable paving are quite impressive as there are many different materials that could be used with some eye catching designs. Permeable surfaces help to drain such liquids and are popularly used for constantly wetting areas.

This is just one of the many applications that we at Jim’s Paving undertake for our discerning customers, and there are many that we have up our sleeve to make the outdoor areas of your home a sight to behold. We are experts in Asphalt resurfacing and we use the latest available equipment to complete the work with professional and flawless finishes.

Our landscape designers will transform your garden into something special with their innovative Landscaping ideas. We have completed some great looking gardens which are the envy of the neighbourhood. 

Our range is impressive and includes Spray Paving, Coatings and Paving of some great designed Driveways, which have put Jim’s Paving on top of the pedestal of success in the every demanding paving business. In the alternative we could also undertake Driveway repair or use our expertise in offering the best Driveway resurfacing at very competitive prices.

Our superior workmanship has held us in good stead over the years that we have been in business, and our customer base has widened to every nook and corner of Australia.

With our Home Services franchisees under severe strain due to the increase in orders that we are receiving on our very well managed online systems, we are looking to appoint more franchisees to cater to our increase in activities.

We have added some new activities to our impressive portfolio, like Concrete resurfacing and Asphalt resurfacing, among them. We could also change the complexion of any surface by using the technologically advanced materials we have to Spray on concrete and bring it to it’s best condition.  

Our Paving Franchise is today much sought after but we select only the most dedicated and committed entrepreneurs to take up the challenge. Those who Buy Paving business from us would be backed by the most sophisticated and efficient online systems helping them in marketing and other related activities. We use state of the art customer service technology to respond fast to inquiries directed to us and coordinating reciprocal response in the shortest possible time.

Our Paving division which began in the year 2000 was a need that Jim’s Group had to fulfill to our very loyal customers who were having trouble with unreliable paving companies. Since our entry the most reliable and committed entrepreneurs Buy Paving franchise from us and have held the reputation of Jim’s Paving aloft.

We have some very satisfied Paving Franchisees under our umbrella and they are doing a great service to the Australian community, by high standards of workmanship which are incomparable.